Why hiring a freelancer for your company?

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If you are into hiring a freelancer, you have to read this before you go ahead. Over the last decade and according to statistics it’s projected that in less than 10 years to come, 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the United States alone and that will approximately make up 50% of the total U.S. workforce. How about the other countries of the whole world? The reality is labor workforce is changing constantly and we are expecting more shifting in the normal 9-5 working hours.

We have to admit that organizations that will adopt this new change quickly, are in the upper hand. Matter of fact, your business needs a highly skilled professional and most of the time you will not be in a position to recruit these employees. So definitely, you need to consider hiring a freelancer who will deliver quality work and boost your company.

hiring a freelancer

How Freelancers work

In most cases, Freelancers are independent workers or contractors who are hired directly by a client to complete a task or more projects. Some when dealing will larger projects, a group freelancers may as well work together as a team to enhance quality and faster deliverability.

Depending on the freelance market place, same freelancers might be hired on a recurring basis for a specific job such as social media marketing/ selling where the client hires the freelancer for a set period of time and if the results are profitable the client might hire the same freelancer again for more coming terms.

In other words, freelancers are just self-employed people who may work for several clients at the same time and the fields they work in are industries such as graphic design, video editing, photography, copywriting, social media marketing, and many others…

Benefits of hiring a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer online will finish your project for a few dollars, and that will satisfy your requirements for quite a long time to come. The freelancer you hire may react to the assumptions you set. In the event that you need to hire a quality freelancer, you need to create a working experience that will allow them to deliver their best. Below are some more benefits of hiring a freelancer instead.

  • Cost benefits

One very interesting thing about hiring a freelancer is the cost is lower compared to recuting an employee. Companies spend a lot of money such as office rent, office supplies, employee medical insurence, taxtrecruitment cost and many other costs apart from the salaries. These can be overcomed by hiring a freelancer

Companies spend extra money apart from the basic salary of the employees. These costs include office rent, IT infrastructure, office supplies, recruitment costs, and employee benefits such as medical insurance, employment taxes, and other expenses. Freelancers cost less to businesses than employees do. One can easily save extra costs by hiring freelancers.

  • Quality work production

I might have repeated this point on quality work but that’s really one of the greatest success of a company who hire freelancers compared to those that struggle to recruit professional team members. Another rule of thumb that lets me prefer freelancers over-employed personal is, freelancers highly depend on quality work for their clients so that their future will not be at risk. Therefore, their income insecurity forces them to deliver quality work to their clients.

  • You get experts for your business

According to my own analysis, freelancers gain high skills as they work with different companies, and by doing so they add expertise to their skills and they can specialize in 2-3 career fields. These make them a very valuable asset to offer multiple services to your business.

  • Easier working with flexible freelancers

Freelancers are high flexible than standard employees, in that they are often available at short to fulfill agent communication. They are available for work even on odd hours or over the holidays which is not possible for a standard employee moreover you will have your project done on time as freelancers work an average of 39 hours per week. That is why in my own experience, hiring a freelancer is easier if you consider work flexibility

  • Freelancers encourage innovation in your business

I don’t have many words to describe how freelancers are more innovative than the standard employee. The reality is, most freelancers keep with up to date ideas and technology. As businesses are into these new ideas, so freelancers highly contribute to the business with novel solutions


Whether you into full-time social media selling or need part-time, a freelancer is always available to fill in the gap. I work for a couple of years now on different platforms on social media marketing and social media selling. That is way lastly I made up my mind not only to work as a freelancer but I also started teaching what I have learnt to fellow digital entrepreneurs who want to jump into the business of freelancing.

Lastly, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call, you can also connect with me on my Professional Linkedin profile or follow me on twitter @bestdigitalnin1 and learn how best we cant grow your business together. Hoping to hear from you soon!

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