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As The Founder of Best Digital Ninjas, working with hundreds of businesses, We Were Able To Look Behind the Scenes of what works!

Here are the hidden Secrets:

  • According to research, many businesses start and fail within the first 10 years, because of a lack of a proper strategy. We have gone through that tedious journey before we landed on a powerful strategy which I am going to share with you.
  • Traffic is never a problem. Reaching the targeted traffic, and messaging them to create an intimate relationship that converts them to sales is the problem.
  • Having a good business and expecting a high volume of sales is not a strategy. Finding where your prospects are and jumping into their conversation and helping them out is the best strategy.
  • Your prospects are searching for your business online. If you don’t have an online presence, they will end up buying from your competitors.
  • Every business we have worked with for the last 5 years had mastered this simple strategy and succeeded. Only those who never tried implementing this strategy.

Did I introduce myself?

My name is Yassir Mahadi

I was born in Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, but now living in Kenya. 


I left my country in 2011 due to its continuous civil and political wars, to create a better future for myself and that of my family.


Unlike college graduates who end up without a good job, I created something for myself. A business that helps other organizations, non-profits, or individuals create and run their businesses with less effort from their end.


I am not a millionaire but I have that lifestyle I love. I can afford healthy food, decent way of life, and a roof over my head.


The good new, all I need is my laptop with internet connection.  I have the freedom and flexibility I need to work from anywhere at any given time. Isn’t that what everybody would love?


However, I have decided to work with a couple of non-profit organizations in Kakuma Refugee camp as a way to give back to the community.

But waite! Some people will not like what I have to say!

Let me know if this is you…

Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, or an individual who wants to start an online business and does not know where to start?


Are you a non-profit organization that wants to share its service with like-minded individuals but don’t know how?


If you say “yes” to any of these question, I advice you read this page carefully.


I know there have been times in life you may believe in the idea of going to school, earning good grades, and getting a high-paying job as the ultimate road map to success. 



What if I could tell you that you were WRONG? The same advice we heard from our parents, “Go to school, earn good grades, find a high-paying job and earn a lot of money…


It’s true, but this only works to some point. Some people have that Good luck. They graduate from college with good grades and get high-paying jobs.  The brutal reality is not everyone who goes to school will earn good grades to attain such employment.Some may have excellent grades but fail to get a good job too.


To me going to school and achieving good grades does not guarantee success in life.

I know you might be asking “but Yassir, you have a college degree, why do you say going to school can’t help someone succeed in life?



You are right…

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Community Development Outreach. I thought I had unlocked the secret to securing a better high-paying job. But that dream didn’t come true.



Hunting for a job from all corners, I enrolled in some digital entrepreneurship training which led me to start my first job as an online digital freelancer. As we all know that life of a freelancer who is just starting out isn’t easy, so I thought of a new idea. 


A friend of mine told me to create a website and make money online. That idea seemed a brilliant one. And because I had little money to invest, I created a website and published digital courses but there a big challenge on my way. How can I make sales?


Struggling to make sales, I realized something was wrong, but what could that be? Is it my service? No. I was quite sure I was providing a better service compared to some folks out there.



Throughout my journey working with several businesses, I got the inside of how a successful business operates. 


Maybe that is your story right now?  Maybe you have a business website but getting no sales as expected. Maybe you have a marketing strategy that isn’t profitable. Or maybe you are just starting out!  Is that why you’re here? If so…

Before you think of hiring another Freelancer to create your business website or marketing strategy, Read this carefully...

Social Media Marketing

After five years of trial and error, BOOOOM I unlocked the secret...

That was 5 years ago…
I noticed a Facebook Ad that kept on following me every time I went online.
It was Russell Brunson, with his book “Traffic Secret
During that time, I almost gave up with my new start-up agency “Best Digital Ninjas”. We had really a great product, but it was very hard to get people to know we even existed. 

When I read this book and a couple more (Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets) from the same author, everything changed. Matter of fact, as a young entrepreneur who wanted to make money online without spending any coin. 


I was a little bit worried about the shipping and handling cost to access the book. I had that fear in me. what if I pay for the book? and never get it? What if I lost my money, will I feel stupid? 


Another part of me kept on pushing. Just try it! I pulled the trigger and ordered the book.


And due to the COVIT-19 pandemic, two months later I got that incredible magic secret delivered to my door. I couldn’t believe it! I went through the pages carefully and one of the secrets I learned from Russell where he says: “To build a successful business, you have to find what is already working and just model it”

I tested his idea and it actually works. He also encouraged me to start to funnel hack successful businesses and model them. I bought several books from multi-Billionaires just to learn what they do which makes them different.
I went further to invest the little money I had in some of their high-end programs and tested every bit of their strategies. That’s when my small business started taking shape. 

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Need some help?

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I am giving you this offer for FREE because I know that there are a ton of other entrepreneurs just like myself who needed to learn these secrets, so they could grow their businesses…


And this deal is not going to be there forever! The clock is ticking, and at any time, we shall actually sell this consultation to serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with us.


Secrets spread quickly

Ever since I learned these Secrets strategies, I’ve helped thousands if not hundreds of others to dramatically create meaningful online communication, and build and engage traffic hence increasing sales.


I implemented these secrets on my website and on all of the sites I create for my clients.


I know many freelancers who can build beautiful websites, but if these strategies are not rightly implemented, you will rarely have a website that creates a meaningful conversation your clients need.

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This is a great opportunity for any kind of business you think of...

If you are selling anything online or you are a non-profit organization, these secrets will help get more eyeballs on whatever it is your program. I can’t express how grateful it is to help others attain their dreams. I have realized it is the source of my happiness, whether you buy anything from me or not. 


My dream is to have a better experience with whoever interacts with me or my business. And led many of my friends were ask me, “Yassir, why are you giving out this incredible service for free? I know you might be asking the same question, “why is he giving a free consultation? Isn’t this a scam?


My answer is always No! “I believe in helping people, and once they are happy with my service, some will actually reward me for the success I was able to generate to their business”.And at any inconvenience they are unhappy, why should I charge them upfront. 


Secondly, I like working with clients who are ready and happy to work with me. I don’t chase after people who are not sure of what they are paying for. 


I offer this FREE call honestly to help you make better decisions before spending a lot of money upfront on something that you might not need for your business.



I have been through the same struggle and I will not love to see anyone go through that tedious and hard work again. I think this makes sense now?


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After All, it's not all about business!

If you learned something of value from this page, please pass it on to your friends. I believe the more you help, the more you earn, and the more you become happy! Good day ahead!