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Here are the 4 secrets that no one will ever tell you!

  • According to research, many businesses fail within the first 10 years due to a lack of a proper strategy: I went through that journey before arriving at a powerful strategy that I will share with you.
  • Many business owner cry that traffic an issue: The issue is reaching out to the targeted traffic and messaging them in order to build an intimate relationship that converts them to sales.
  • Only build a good business and expect a high volume of sales: Finding your prospects and jumping into their conversations to assist them is the best strategy.
  • Some Youtubers may tell you that you don’t need a website for your business: Matter of facts, your prospects are looking for your company online, and they will buy from your competitors if you do not have an online presence.

Did I introduce myself?

My name is Yassir Mahadi.

I was born in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan but now live in Kenya.

I left my country in 2011 to seek a better future for myself and my family as a result of the ongoing civil and political wars in Sudan.


Unlike most college graduates, I was able to create something for myself. A company that helps other businesses, non-profits, or individuals in starting and running their own businesses with less effort on their part.


I’m not a millionaire, but I live the life I want. I can afford healthy food, a decent standard of living, and a roof over my head.


I strongly believe that anyone can achieve the same lifestyle. And all it require is a laptop with an internet connection and a positive mindset to learn. 


I have created the freedom and flexibility I need to work from any location at any time. Isn’t that what everyone wishes for?


However, as a way of giving back to the community, I still work with a couple of non-profit organizations in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

But waite! Some people will not like what I have to say!

Let me know if this is you…

Are you an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or an individual who wants to start an online business but doesn’t know where to begin?

Are you a non-profit organization that wants to share its services with like-minded people but doesn’t know how?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I recommend that you carefully read this page.


I believer there have been time in your life when you were told that going to school, getting good grades, and getting a high-paying job was the only way to achieve success.

What if I told you that you were mislead? 


“Going to school, getting good grades, finding a high-paying job, and make a lot of money,” was the same advice our parents advised us. 


It’s true, but this only works up to a point. Some people are blessed with good fortune after college.


However, the harsh reality is that not everyone who attends school will earn good grades in order to obtain such employment. Some students may have excellent grades but are unable to obtain a good job.


Going to school alone, and getting good grades, in my opinion, does not guarantee future success.


I know you’re thinking, “But Yassir, you have a college degree; why do you say going to school can’t help someone succeed in life?”


You’re right…

I have a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Community Development Outreach. When I graduated, I thought I’d discovered the key to landing a better, higher-paying job. But that dream did not come true.


While looking for work from all directions a few years ago, I enrolled in some digital entrepreneurship training, which led me to my first job as a freelance web designer.


As we all know how difficult it is to start out as a freelancer, a friend of mine advised me to create a website and make money selling digital courses. That seemed like a brilliant idea.


I invested the little money I had, and I published digital courses, but there was still a challenge ahead of me. How can I increase my sales?


Struggling to make sales, I realized something was wrong, but what could that be? Is it my service? No. I was quite sure I was providing a better service compared to some folks out there.


Through lots of research and reading countless articles online, I on the missing magic to grow a successful business.


Is that your story right now? Maybe you have a business website but aren’t getting the expected sales. 


Perhaps you have an ineffective marketing strategy. Or perhaps you’re just getting started! 

Is this why you’ve come? If so…

Before you think of hiring another Freelancer to create your business website or marketing strategy, Read this carefully...

Social Media Marketing

After five years of trial and error, BOOOOM I unlocked the secret...

That happened five years ago.

Every time I got online, I kept seeing a Facebook advertisement. It was Russell Brunson, with his book “Traffic Secret”


I nearly gave up on my brand-new start-up business, “Best Digital Ninjas,” during that period. Although we had a truly fantastic product, it was really difficult to let people know that we even existed.


Everything changed for me after reading this book and two books by the same author, Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets. In actuality, I was a young businessperson looking to generate money online without investing any money.


I was concerned about the shipping and handling costs associated with obtaining the book. That was something I was afraid of. What if I buy the book? and never receive it? Will I feel stupid if I lose my money? 


Another part of me continued to push. Just give it a shot! I pulled the trigger and ordered the book.


Due to the COVIT-19 pandemic, I received that incredible magic secret two months later. It was impossible for me to believe! I carefully read through the pages, and one of the secrets I learned from Russell was: “To build a successful business, you must find what is already working and simply model it.”


I put his idea to the test, and it appears to work. He also encouraged me to start funnel hacking and modeling successful businesses. I bought several books from multi-billionaires just to learn what makes them unique.


I went even further, investing the little money I had in some of their high-end programs and testing every single one of their strategies. That is when my small business began to take shape.

"What Would Happen To Your Business If You Had to join my journey, book a FREE strategy meeting with us and we build it together!?!"

Need some help?

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And this offer will not be available forever! The clock is ticking, and at anytime, we selling this consultation to serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with us.



Secrets spread quickly.
Since I learned these Secrets strategies, I’ve helped thousands, if not hundreds, of others in dramatically increasing meaningful online communication, building and engaging traffic, and thus increasing sales.


These secrets have been implemented on my website as well as all of the sites I create for my clients.


I know a lot of freelancers who can create beautiful websites, but if these strategies aren’t properly implemented, you’ll rarely have a website that creates the meaningful conversation your clients require.


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If you sell anything online or run a non-profit organization, these tips will help you get more people to see your program. 



I can’t express how grateful I am to be able to assist others in achieving their goals. Whether you buy anything from me or not, I’ve realized it’s the source of my happiness.



My dream is to provide a better experience for anyone who interacts with me or my company. And this led many of my friends to ask me, “Why are you providing this incredible service for free, Yassir? 



I know you might be asking the same question, “why is he giving a free consultation? Isn’t this a scam?


My answer is always No!” I believe in assisting people, and once they are satisfied with my services, I am rewarded for my hard work.



Second, I enjoy working with clients who are eager to collaborate with me. I don’t pursue people who are unsure of what they’re paying for.



I am offering this FREE call to assist you in making better decisions before investing large sums of money in something that you may not require for your business.

After All, it's not all about business!

If you learned something useful from this page, please don’t forget to share it with your friends. I believe that the more you help, the more we are able to create a better world! Have a great day!