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Does this sound like you?

You went to school, worked hard, and got good grades, but you’re still searching for a high paying job…

You did everything right in school, yet you’re still waiting for that dream job offer?

Or maybe you already have a job, but you’re eager to start a side gig and don’t know where to begin!

Is this your life right now? Is this why you’re here?

Did you start a cool business, but can’t figure out how to get your dream customers to notice you? Or maybe your situation is a bit different…

Perhaps you have a website, and people are visiting it, but you’re not making any sales.

If any of this resonates with you, keep reading. I will show you how to break free from this frustrating cycle and start earning real money online, all from the comfort of your own home. Transform your life today and achieve the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of! This is the best time to act because I have spent years perfecting this hidden secret and testing it out. Now that it’s working, I am happy to share it with the world.

If you have been struggling to Start a Profitable Income Online, this Book is for you.

You might have tried working online before, but as more people use the internet to sell and attract customers, making a profitable income online has become harder.

That’s why you need a reliable plan, a strong strategy, and a system that works even in tough times.

The ‘Dollars, Dreams, and Donuts’ is here to help you with that. This book shows you a simple way to start an attractive, successful online business.

It offers expert advice tailored to your business needs and is full of useful information to help you create your dream business. It explains the exact steps I used to start businesses in different areas in less than a month.

You might be asking, is this really possible? I promise, these are not just empty words. These are proven methods that real multi-billionaires have used to become successful.

While it’s not a new idea, it’s a secret many don’t know, leading to their failures. There’s a lot more to discover in “Dollars, Dreams, and Donuts”.

Who is this Book for?

The “Dollars, Dreams, and Donuts” book can be an invaluable resource for a wide range of individuals:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you’re considering starting your own business, especially in the digital world, this book provides crucial insights into successful mindsets and strategies.

Existing Small Business Owners: For those already running a business, the book offers fresh perspectives and strategies to enhance your digital presence, increase sales, and drive growth.

Unemployed Individuals: If you’re currently jobless and considering your next steps, you might find inspiration and actionable advice on creating online income streams.

Stay-at-Home Parents: If you’re looking to earn an income from home while raising a family, the book offers effective strategies for building profitable online businesses.

Personal Development Enthusiasts: For those always seeking ways to improve themselves and their circumstances, “Dreams, Dollars, and Donuts” provides valuable insights into wealth creation and financial independence.

Freelancers & Gig Workers: The book offers guidance on leveraging digital platforms to maximize earnings and create more financial stability.

Artists and Creative Professionals: Artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives can use the book to better understand how to monetize their craft in the digital space.

Students: Those still in education can benefit from the forward-thinking concepts and strategies within the book, setting them up for future success in the digital economy.

Young Adults: Young people just entering the workforce can use the book as a roadmap to navigate the digital business world, setting themselves up for financial success from an early age.

Retirees: It’s never too late to learn and grow. Retirees looking for an interesting read or even a potential new income stream can benefit from the ideas contained within the book.

In essence, anyone interested in mastering the digital economy, transforming their mindset, and cultivating wealth will find immense value in “Dollars, Dreams, and Donuts.”

How I got started!

In 2016, I envisioned digitalizing every person in developing countries. When COVID-19 struck, my vision became a golden tool for success.

I noticed a significant shift in customer behavior. People were spending more time on social media, and traditional marketing methods were becoming obsolete. Back then, I was just a high school student, but I saw the future unfolding. I had a simple idea: help businesses and individuals find their customers online.

Despite my lack of skills, I dove into various training programs, learning bit by bit. Eventually, my efforts paid off. I became self-employed as a social media strategist and web designer.

This job led to an unexpected opportunity. I created an online platform to share my newly acquired skills with my peers. Initially, fear of failure haunted me. What if this venture didn’t work? Would my friends mock me? Despite my doubts, I took the leap…and was amazed by the results.

I discovered I could significantly impact young entrepreneurs’ lives. It took time to master website creation and develop my courses, but with my site live and functional, a journalist featured my story in a local magazine in 2019.

Then COVID-19 struck, and my predictions became a reality. Organizations, government services, local schools, even universities transitioned to online platforms. Those unable to make the switch had to shut their doors. It was a heartbreaking period for many businesses.

I’m sure you remember those tumultuous days. Numerous organizations closed, causing widespread job losses. During that time, I served as a Freelance Business Class instructor for a community-based organization (AIHD). We were fortunate to evade lockdown because we were equipped to operate online.

Today, I still foresee more challenges ahead. The cost of living continues to rise, fuel prices are increasing, and taxes are accumulating. We all hoped for relief post-COVID, but the reality is, the situation remains tough.

If you’re still with me, you understand the essence of my story. It’s about creating a better life, regardless of the circumstances. And that’s precisely the wisdom I share in this book.

This book is packed with the strategies I have used to generate over 21 million Kenyan shillings, both for myself and my students, over the last 5 years. I know there are many scams on the internet. That’s why I advocate for the valuable insights in this book. By the end of your reading journey, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions that will enhance your financial standing. I won’t promise overnight wealth, but I will guide you on how to critically assess online opportunities, so you don’t waste time and resources on strategies that don’t work.

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You pay only Ksh 500 for the Audio Book

Dreams, Dollars, and Donuts


The Ultimate Must Read Book for a small business owner, an instructor, a Freelancer, or any person who wants to start an online business and sell his skills or Expertise! I don’t promise you will get rich overnight. I am just sharing what has worked for me and my instructors. The advice in this book is for Educational purposes only. Should you need any Financial advice, seek it from an authorized person in the industry.