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Our Services

Best digital ninjas help busy entrepreneurs like you who struggle to find the time for marketing or managing new leads to increase conversions and add value for your clients at low cost.

Social Media Marketing

Stage: 1
We analyse you business

The first step is to identify the client base line. How many followings you have? what is your engagement rate?  What is your goal? So on so forth...

Stage: 2
We indentify influencers in your niche

With your hash tags, we target ten of your key influencers in your niche by following, sharing, like, and curating their content. Plus ten original post per month.

Stage: 3
Optimization of your key content

You give us some videos and images, and we will optimize and schedule for your social media accounts 

Stage: 4
Analytics phase

At the end of each month, we do the analytics to find the best performing campaing and share with you the results. We meet and discus best ways forward and we start the next cycle.

Three Target Platforms

Lead Generation

Step: 1
We Identify your objectives

Do want to Drive Revenue or Thought Leadership on social media?

Step: 2
Creating a killer video story

With your help, we create a very powerful story and convert it into a video using flexclip video creation software. We can reach your target audience one on one through linkedIn

Step: 3
Warm up your target clients.

At this stage we will identify and connect with your prospect clients creating a conversation that will lead to sale.

Step: 4
Book for you meetings

At this we stage we engage with your client who love your idea and schedule for meeting or close the sale.

Social Media Marketing

10 Posts per Month 1 social media account 100 Target Audience / Month Rank for 3 hashtag  Monthly Analysis report. The cycle begins.

$ 100 Per Channel

Lead generation Service

1 Campaign  per month Creation of a Storyline  Convert the story to a video  Reach 500 Customers / Month 30% Target engagement  3% Target Conversions rate

$200 Per Channel

Other design Services

Translation Services, and audio/video transcription Data Entry Services, Chatbot Automation WordPress Web Sites design, Funnel creation

$ 500 per Project

Why work with us?

We can do the work and deliver exceptional results. We possess a combination of skills and experience that make us stand out. Hiring us will make you look smart and make your life easier.

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Clear outcomes

We are able to track performance and you can clearly see your campaign growing live.


Honesty and integrity

Many companies fail because they are not trustworthy. We believe your success is our success!


Up-to-date Tech

We use industrial tools to deliver results among them are Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, and Zapier.

Our work charts

1 +
Lead generation Funnels

We have saved over 10 clients with lead generation service. So hiring us will make you look smart and make your life easier

1 +
Social media Marketing

With trial and error for over three years now we have a strieght forward social media strategy suitable for you.

1 %
over 80% Happy client

We do our best because we know what our client need. We are proud of our exceptional results

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