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What we do

 Solving difficult problems requires careful analysis, and persistence. We have been struggling to find an immediate solution to the increasing number of unemployment among the Refugee youth. We come up with a new approach to combat this unavoidable situation.

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It all started when Yassir (The Founder Best Digital Ninjas) got his first opportunity to work online in 2016. Having lived in the Refugee camp for a decade, he realized the Refugee youth can improve their own lives when provided with the necessary skills, and access to job opportunities. He set his mission to collaborate with others to provide what it takes to empower the Refugee youth so as to reduce the unemployment rate.

Why work with us?

According to UNHCER, there are 26 million Refugees, around half of whom are under the age of 18. There are also millions of stateless people, who have been denied a nationality and lack access to basic rights such as education, health care, employment, and freedom of movement.

As many other Non-Profit Organizations are working harder to prevent and resolve conflicts, and improve health, our approach is to Educate and Empower the Refugee youth with the skills they need to become useful assets to  societies. We only ask you to give them jobs!

How you can help?

We did our part, and we can’t do without your… Give them jobs, and we shall join hands together to save lives and empower Refugees youth. 

The Team Behind The Initiative

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Organizations we have worked with before.

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To give back to the community, we collaborate with organizations that invest in Educating and Empowering Refugee youths with skills that make them self-reliant. We are continuously open to building relationships with a broad range of Individuals and organisations who will give jobs to the Refugee youth to reduce unemployment.

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