Best 3 tricks (How to use Facebook Ads) to generate high sales

how to use facebook ads

with the increasing population of Facebook users, many business are using Facebook Ads to convert leads into sales.

in this post I am going to take you through on how to use Facebook Ads to generate high quality leads that convert into sales. So let’s break this down into three steps

Creating a super-Hot Facebook website custom audience.

Creating a custom audience in the first step to consider when planning or starting Facebook Ads. This gives you the ability to predict how much is your targeted audience.

However there are three Facebook audience you should know, cold audience, warm and hot audience.

Let’s define them one by one:

cold audience are people who don’t know your business yet. these are people who are new to your brand and they are full of potential customers.

In the other hand warm audience are those people who have ever interacted with brand .They can be people who have liked your Facebook business page or visited your website and they have knowledge of your brand.

While the last is the hot audience which in short is the people who have used your free service or product such as downloading an E-book or signing up for a webinar.

They have full trust about your brand and if you run a retention campaign , you can easily drive sales out of them.

Today let’s focus on creating Hot audience based on website traffic. We assume you’ve already have cold audience.

Trick # 1: how to use Facebook

Creating a warm audience

The first step to create a warm audience is to go to , navigate to audience dashboad and create a custom audience

how to use facebook ads

At the left hand side of the page above click on custom audience, a new window will pop up and you should select your Facebook pixel that tracks visitors on your website.

leave the default setting on the people you want to add. Type in the duration if your website to a specific days for example we are using 90 days which means website custom audience will be who have visited your website for the last 90 days.

NOTE: Choosing a bigger number is advisable if you have a few website visitors a month.

Name your audience and click on create audience and click on done in the next window. Your website custom audience is created.

Trick # 2: How to use Facebook to re-target your Hot audience

Go to your Facebook ads manager and create a new campaign. Click on traffic and name your campaign.

how to use facebook ads

The default name is traffic so change that name to the one you can remember. Make sure you leave split test and campaign budget optimization unchecked. Click on set up ads account and you will have to confirm your ads account and click on continue.

how to use facebook ads

When you move to the ad set level under traffic choose website and leave Dynamic creative and offer unchecked.

While in the audience choose custom audience and this should be the hot audience you have created. In the placement choose automatic placements. At the Budget & Schedule, set the daily budget you would like to spend.

I would advice you to start with as little as $5 and click on continue to move to the Ad level.

how to use facebook ads

Here at the Ad level you should be as creative as possible because this is what will be seen by your audience in their Facebook news feed. Name your ad and choose the format of your ad. It can either a carousel, single image or video or collection. Don’t worry choose what you think is suitable for your Ad.

At the media level choose your file, here I have uploaded the cover photo of my Facebook page for demonstration purpose.

how to use facebook ads

At Text & Links explain what your ad is about, this is what is seen on top of your ad image or video. Using testimonials in this field is a great idea because it encourage the audience which have already build trust with your brand not have doubt to place order.

how to use facebook ads

Here you can also have a look at how it will appear at the right hand preview window. Don’t forget to ad headline and website URL where you want to drive traffic to.

When you are happy with your ad, click on confirm at the bottom of the page and set up your card if you have not added it to your Facebook Business Manager account. To get in-dept knowledge on how to use Facebook, I have created a full course that will take you from a beginner to a business-man who uses this new Technology to earn an income from it and I would recommend that if you like using social media a lot.


Woow! There you are. You have just learnt the three tricks on how to use Facebook to reach your SUPER-HOT audience. Point to note: engaging your audience and building social proof using testimonials will drive people back to your website and convert them into sales.

To get more value from the existing customers and generate super sales, continue on targeting the hot and lookalike audience with new offers to encourage new sales.

I hope you have got a great value in this post and if you have found it helpful , please leave a comment in the section below.

This helps me create more content like this and if you feel happy and willing to help others, please share this with your friends in your industry.

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