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The Ultimate Facebook messenger bot design Course

Learn the updated and proven system for success with Chatbot. I will help you step by step designing your Facebook messenger bot and installing it in your website or Facebook page

And if you don’t have a Facebook page I’ll create one for you!

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Yassir Mahadi kuku is the CEO and Founder at Best Digital Ninjas. 

He holds Degree in Instructional Design and has worked extensively as a Web designer, Social Media marketer and Digital Marketing Strategist. 

Before starting his company, he was working With Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR) as 3D Printing Instructor, he worked with African Initiative For Human Development as a freelance school Instructor and partly works as a freelancer. 

He is a results based and well-rounded Digital Marketer with years of experience in the education industry that doubles as a youth trainer and volunteers’ coordinator in his free time.

Yassir Mahadi kuku

Your Instructor

What you will achieve upon Completion

Your Success is our Dream

If you’re looking for ways to minimize expenses and increase profile by designing a computer to work for you, you are at the right place.

The goal with this Facebook messenger bot Course is to make it so simple that it would be possible for anyone to get started, regardless of technical skills or understanding of Chatbot design.  Chatbot design is far more easier the Web and app development.

Moreover upon completion you will be awarded with a certificate  which you can add on your fotofolio.

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What you'll learn in this Coourse

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You will learn how chatbots work, build chatbots for Messenger, have in-depth knowledge of natural language processing with DialogFlow, know and use the Facebook messenger Manychat bot. 
You will Learn how to implement different Manychat growth tools
You will learn how to use all the possible message types: text, images, video, quick replies, buttons, carousels, in the manychat bot flows.
You will also have a chatbot that can be easily extended to connect to other APIs and a chatbot that answers FAQ


  • Almost nothing, there is no much needed to enroll this course
  • You will need to have a Facebook Business page and if you don’t have, I will show you how to create one
  • With a computer or Smartphone connected to internet, you only need a good mind set to learn and apply what you have learned in real life scenario!
  • This course is for absolute beginners who want to learn step by steps on how to start making money with Chatbot 
  • If you want to work as a freelance or you want to design a Chatbot for your business, this course will cover the Fundamentals

Who this course is for?

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This Course is for everyone.

I know people don’t speak about Chatbot a lot because they don’t know that they exist!

Mikael Yang, the founder of ManyChat, also reported an open rate of 80% (based on 3.5 million messages and 7000+ Messenger bots) so this proofs why you should have a Chatbot now adays compared to Email marketing strategy.

This course will definitely save you a lot of time, avoiding unnecessary mistakes or false strategies that slows you down.

Do Chatbots increase sales?

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When used smartly, chatbots can increase your revenue by encouraging customers to try different packages. 

Apart from sales leads and conversions, chatbots play an instrumental role in customer support and nurturing a customer all through their sales journey.

Are Chatbots the future?

We have to face the truth, if social media is what we spend time on today, then we have to think twice on using a new strategies to reach our customer.

According to entrepreneur.com

Chatbots, being born into the smartphone  rather than being adapted to it, is perfectly suited to facilitate the diverse conversations of tomorrow. 

The global chatbot market is expected to exceed $1.34 billion valuation by 2024.


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Our Students reviews

I have not set up a business yet but this course feels really good, I have just started, but now I have a really high confidence My Facebook page messenger button can open in messenger with a welcome text and video. I was happy when the results did work
Ways to Make Money Online
Dj Romy
The course really cover the fundamentals. Excellent course to get the basics of ManyChat. After watching it I was able to create my own bot and experiment with the different features. Instructor has good personality and keeps things moving quickly so you will not get bored. Would recommend for beginners Was this review helpful?
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digital entrepreneur
honestly, I'm only part way through the course, but am enjoying the process that the instructor does in laying out the course. I'm confident when I am done with the course I will be able to really have success with chatbots! con't wait to see the results!
Fotography Maassluis Maasland


Most frequent questions and answers

There’s no time restrictions in this course. The course is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – comfortable across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy!  The training will equip you with the skill you need that will help you become your own boss. It will help you reduce cost, scale up your sales and attain the maximum profits you need.

You should be able to use a computer with Internet connection. No prior knowledge in bot design or coding is required, just to have an open mindset to learn.  You should have passion for acquiring new skills and put in action to get the better results.

If you’re completely new to bot design, this course is going to “be the only course you’ll ever need”. You’re going to get the marketing strategy, automation settings and business tactics you have never heard. And to be honest with you, the training will help build a bot like ours at Best Digital Ninjas straight away upon completion.

You will get instant access to the comment section below each lesson , where you can ask questions and get a response from me (Yassir Mahadi) and any other students who believe they can help.  I’m active inside the course daily. ‍

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Honestly, my goal here is to really help you step by step on what it takes be a successful Chatbot designer. I will teach you design and launch your first upon completion of this course. Chatbot can do a great deal for your business,

“It offered interactivity. It offered scale. And it offered the chance for storytelling in a way that is truly unique and different from any other thing that the world has seen”

~Tim Ellis, Activision

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