How to create Money generating Business Facebook Page

Business Facebook page
Business Facebook page

Facebook can be a great platform for small business owners because it allows them to reach a large audience and even re-engage existing customers.

If you’re looking for information on how to get your new Business Facebook page going, start by reading this blog! We’ll take you through step by step process to set up your business Facebook page so you’ll be ready to get started on this next step in your business’s marketing plan!

1. Facebook Business page step one

Choose a unique business name for your page. Choosing a unique Facebook domain name here can be a great way to give your business’s name visibility. Aim for something short and catchy that will be easy to remember and will fit easily on any marketing materials and if you have a website, I prefer to use your domain name.

Make sure you have your Facebook domain name just the way you want it. It can be difficult to change at a later date and you don’t want to create any confusion for your customers. Alright, let’s get to step two on the list!

2. Create Your business Facebook Page

business Facebook  Page

Choose which page is appropriate for your business in the category section. You’ll need to have pretty good knowledge of the kind of business you’ll be launching to choose a category.

When you’re creating your new business Facebook page, your options include:

  • Local business or place.
  • Company, organization, or institution.
  • Brand or product.
  • Artist, band, or public figure.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cause or community.

This selection will help shape the other options provided for you when customizing your page.

You should have planned details of your business info ahead of time. Make sure you have your business type, business name, phone number, and/or email address, and a professional synopsis ready to go. This is people’s first impression of your business you want to make it a good one.

3. Complete Your Basic Information

The second step to do when creating a business Facebook page is to complete your basic information. After creating your page, Facebook will prompt you through the following sections of your business page.

Don’t skip them in an attempt to get through more quickly. All of this information will give your prospective clients a compelling reason to work with you. You do not want to missout on this.

4. The About Section

This should work as a quick recap of your business. It’s a synopsis of your products and/or services, so aim for providing two or three sentences here that really capture your goals and personality of your business.

Don’t slack on marketing here! You won’t have your audience’s attention for long, so make sure to capitalize on it. Link your website here and include how your business is different from others.

5. Uploading a Profile Photo

This photo will be your future consumer’s first visual of your work. Make sure it’s a positive one, even if it means investing in a photographer or a photo editor. 

The recommended size is 180 pixels by 180 pixels and if you want to do it yourself, a square image will work best for you here. You want to be considered by your target audience as a successful professional. It’s imperative that your profile photo supports that.

6. Reaching More People

This is where Facebook will prompt you to create and share an advertisement. I generally don’t recommend skipping steps, but this is one you can pass on.

Launching into sharing too early can waste a great opportunity to build traffic for your business’s page. what you want to do at this mommentis posting some of the best pictures that describe your business.

Once your page is up and running and you’ve gained some audience traffic and traction, head back here to gear up your Facebook marketing.

7. Content creation

At this point, you have successfully set up your Facebook business page now. Start posting relevant content to your page and reaching out to people you want to help spur your growing business forward. Remember to use posts that prompt response and give you the opportunity to engage with your audience.

You need to be present to make social media work for you and your business. Create and commit to a media schedule that won’t leave you wasting time or missing out on opportunities.

When posting via your business page, you’ll be able to choose from six different kinds of posts: Plain text status update, Photo with a caption, Link with a caption, Video with a caption, Event page, or Location check-in.

Mix it up to keep your audience interested in scrolling. You’ll want to use a variety of these post types on your business page. To learn more about how to run Facebook ads for your business I have a full course that will take through. You can check it out. Facebook ads/ Facebook marketing mastery

8. Getting Facebook Reviews For Your Business

Another very important tip that many people forget is getting recommendations from friends. With your business’s Facebook Page you’re able to collect Facebook reviews from people who have visited your business by asking for a recommendation.

Once you gain enough Facebook reviews you can show these off on your website by embedding your Facebook reviews. That’s a great way to market your business.


Facebook can be a great tool for your business. Originally a social network, it’s now so much more. With 2.5 billion monthly users, a marketing strategy that uses your Facebook profile and Facebook ads can be highly effective.

Make Facebook work for you. Get your new page underway and ready for public viewing. You may see your business grow in leaps and bounds with just a few clicks.

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