15 Best Ways to Make Money Online (Solving Coronavirus Economic Downturn)

Ways to Make Money Online
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With the increasing cases of coronavirus globally, governments and health departments have set-up all the measures to slowdown the spread of this virus by closing down public institution. Therefore we have come up with these 15 best ways to make money online for job seeker at their own comfort with having to leave home.

According to the latest up-date Chinese officials reported 2478 new coronavirus cases and 108 new deaths as of Feb. 10th compared to 3062 new cases and 97 additional deaths for Feb. 9th, to bring the total amount of cases to 42638 and death toll to 1016 even as the rate of additional confirmed cases slowed from the prior day. The authorities said the overall jobs situation was stable amid coronavirus outbreak while adding that about 160million people in China will return to cities to resume work by February 18th.

So you feel working at home is a good idea we highly advice you to be at be indoors while checking out these 15 jobs you can do. So let’s get started!

ways to make money online

 1: ways to make money online Become Social Media Evaluator

One of the 15 ways to make money online without leaving home is becoming a Social Media evaluator.

Today social media has become an important part of all our lives. If I am not wrong, you probably might be spending at least 20-30 minutes per day checking your various social media accounts.

If so, then why not to utilize this time for making some money online?

Nowadays most companies and brands run social media campaigns for improving user engagement, product marketing and maintaining an online presence.

Hence, to do these things in a better way, they hire social media evaluators.

Evaluators are nothing but regular social media users like you who help big companies to manage their accounts, study campaign outcomes and gain insight into what works and what doesn’t.

In recent years, demand for such kind of jobs has grown at large. You can too take advantage of this opportunity and get paid for using social media.

Who is this job Suitable For –

Anyone who loves social media and is active on it daily.

The Skills Required –

1. Ability to follow instructions, analyze outcomes, work independently and meet time conditions of the project.

2. Ability to clearly express thoughts and feelings in English, both verbally and in writing.

What You’ll Need –

1. A personal account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

2. Daily use of all social media accounts.

How To Get Started –

The best option to get started is to apply for the post of a Social Media Evaluator on Appen.com

What is Appen?

Appen.com is a company which serves web-based businesses and brands to make their social media campaign more relevant to their target audience.

As a social media evaluator, your job will be to evaluate newsfeed on different social media platforms and provide feedback.

Depending on the project you’ve been assigned you may have to work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

To get started check out Appen’s job listing, then select a job and apply for it, you’ll need to submit an application where you’ll have to fill in your personal details, education, work experience, qualifications, and provide a resume.

After that, Appen team will review your application to verify if you are the right person for the job.

Once accepted you’ll have to complete a qualification process over a one week period for which you’ll get all the necessary guidelines and materials from Appen team.

Once the qualification process is finished, you’ll be instantly assigned to projects. You’ll need to complete the given tasks which will earn you money.

Expected Earnings :

As an independent social media evaluator at Appen.com, you can usually expect to earn $13.75 per hour. Sometimes payment also varies depending on the position and the country you reside in.

You can work from 12 hours to 30 hours per week depending on the work availability. You’ll receive an email from Appen team when any work pops up.

Appen pays only via bank transfer (wire transfer) so make sure you have an active bank account in your name.

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 2: Way to make money online is to Become A Captioner

What is Captioning?

In simple terms, captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a video into text.

You must have seen subtitles when you watch movies, television series and so on, these subtitles are typed by captioners.

Captioning is straightforward and similar to transcription work. But as a captioner, your job will be to watch a video and correctly type everything you hear.

You’ll also need to make sure that captions sync up correctly with the audio.

Suitable For –

Almost anyone.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to read, write and fluently speak the language of your operation along with English.

2. Ability to listen and understand multiple accents in your language of operation.

What You’ll Need –

1. A computer with decent speed internet connection.

2. A Headset.

How To Get Started –

The best option to get started is to apply for the post of a Captioner on Rev.com.

Submit your Rev application here.

Rev pays you $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute. The average captioner at Rev earns $240 per month while the top captioner earns over $1500 per month!

Rev sends payments weekly via PayPal so you don’t need to wait longer for receiving your money. So let’s get to the next job idea.


 3: Be A Proofreader

Becoming a proofreader is yet another way among the 15 ways to make money online at home. So let’s first start by definition on proofreading.

What is Proofreading?

In simple terms, proofreading means examining any text carefully to find and correct typing errors, grammar, style and spelling mistakes.

With the rise of the internet, blogs, and social media, demand for high-quality content is steadily growing. Which is why there is a huge demand for online proofreaders who can examine any text and make sure it’s error-free.

You should definitely leverage this opportunity to earn some handsome money online.

Who is job Suitable For ?

Anyone who loves to read, write, find and correct errors.

Skills Required :

1. Ability to speak and write in English with native-like fluency.

2. Excellent reading comprehension skills and the ability to follow written instructions and work independently.

3. An average proofreading speed of 1000-1500 words per hour.

How To Get Started :

The best way to get started is by applying for the post of online proofreader on the following two websites:

1. Proofreadingservices.com

Before you can submit your application, you’ll need to pass a 20-minute test which consists of 20 questions. These questions will test your basic English and Grammar abilities.

Strive to get maximum answers correct because your acceptance will be based on your test score. Higher the test score more are your chances of getting selected.

2. Scribendi.com

Scribendi offers great flexibility for proofreaders, you can actually choose when and which projects you want to work on. But you need to commit to proofreading a minimum of 10,000 words per month.

Like Proofreadingservices.com Scribendi doesn’t conduct any qualification test but candidates having experience in editing, writing, document production or language teaching have higher chances of acceptance.

Payments are sent via PayPal, and you can also earn monthly incentives.

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 4: Become A Ghostwriter

Who is a Ghostwriter?

In simple terms, a Ghostwriter is a person who writes for other people.

Most of the busy bloggers, authors, publishers hire ghostwriters for completing their writing work.

As a ghostwriter, your completed work will be owned by the person who employs you.

Your name will never appear anywhere as an author. But you’ll get handsomely paid for the job.

Most of your jobs as a ghostwriter will include writing books, eBooks, blog posts, articles and press releases.

who is this job suitable for?

People who have the passion for writing.

Skills Required :

Ability to get into the minds of clients, understand their needs and convert their story into writing.

How To Get Started:

You can get started by visiting the following websites/URLs and applying for the available ghostwriting jobs:

1. WriteZillas.com

2. Jobforwriter.com

3. Peopleperhour.com

Expected Earnings :

At an entry level, you can expect to earn $10-$25 per hour. Once you reach an intermediate level you can expect to earn $30-$50 per hour.

You will make $60-$70 per hour once you have lots of experience and positive reviews.

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 5: Become A Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the most important aspects for businesses because graphics is something that catches our attention and attracts us towards products and brands.

Imagine, how would you feel when your newly purchased iPhone comes in a poorly designed, dull-colored box? Not happy, right?

Quality graphics help to build the brand’s image into customer’s eyes, they create a long-lasting positive impression on people.

Due to the rise of the internet and technology, new businesses are spawning up every day that’s why the need for eye-catching graphics has become crucial to many businesses. This is why there’s an ever growing demand for graphics designers.

You as a person who wants to make money online can leverage this opportunity to change your fortunes.

As a graphics designer, most of your jobs will include designing websites, logo, print headers, illustrations and product interfaces.

Suitable For

Artists, designers, painters.

Skills Required

1. Creativity and imagination.

2. An understanding of current trends and styles.

3. Ability to conceive and create designs.

4. Ability to convert designs into digital format using tools such as Photoshop.

5. Ability to manage your time, meet deadlines and work within the budget.

How To Get Started

You can find graphic design jobs by visiting following websites/URLs:

1. 99designs.com

2. Envato.com

3. Coroflot.com

4. Dribble.com

5. Behance.net

6. Designweek.co.uk

7. Designjobsboard.com

Expected Earnings

As an entry-level graphics designer, you can expect to earn $15-$35 per hour. Once you reach an intermediate level, you can expect to earn $35-$60 per hour.

You will make $65-$100+ per hour once you have lots of experience and positive reviews.

Ways to Make Money Online

 6: Do Voice Acting

What is voice acting?

Voice acting is an art of doing voice-overs or just providing voices to represent a character.

Have you ever imagined, where do cartoon characters get their voices? Well, they are all provided by voice actors.

Yeah, the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goku and almost everyone has gotten their voices from voice actors.

If you have a great voice or you are splendid at mimicry, becoming a voice actor can fetch you lot of money online.

As a voice actor, you can lend your voice to animated movies, presentations, product videos, television programs, cartoons, anime series, video games, commercials, audiobooks and so on.

Suitable For

Anyone having a clear and compelling voice.

Skills Required

1. Ability to control your voice frequency.

2. Ability to exhibit acting skills.

3. Ability to be comfortable with recording equipment and have the basic understanding of how the equipment work.

How To Get Started

Visit the following websites, create your profile and dig out the voice over jobs for yourself.



Expected Earnings

Earnings are extremely flexible in this industry. So there’s no exact number I can give here. Earnings also depend on the amount of work involved in a project.

Naturally, big projects will make you more money. You can start doing small assignments, in the beginning, once you have the confidence and experience, then you can hop on to doing medium and larger projects.

instagram social media marketing

 7: Do Instagram Marketing

In recent years, Instagram has become a real force in the social media world. With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram has become a favorite social media channel for many brands.

These brands are now spending a substantial amount of their social media budget for gaining more customers and leads from Instagram.

So, this is the best time to cash in on the growing popularity of Instagram.

If you are ready to put in the time and efforts, you can definitely grow your Instagram account to a level which can fetch you serious money online.

Suitable For :

People who love to use Instagram and take photos.

Skills Required :

1. Ability to take good quality photographs.

2. Ability to edit photos professionally.

3. Ability to edit high-quality photos or wallpapers using tools such Canva, Befunky, etc.

4. Creativity and imagination.

How To Get Started:

To get started all you need is an Instagram account, a nice username, attractive profile picture and impressive bio.

If you are ready for these things, then you are ready to post and begin your marketing campaign.

Some tips for you!

1. Select your niche: Before you can start marketing on Instagram, you need to pick a niche in which you’re going to operate. The best way to find a suitable niche for yourselves is to look at the things which interest you the most or the things in which you are good at.

For example, if you are a fashionista and love to stay updated with the latest fashion trends then you can start an Instagram account on which you can regularly share fashion trends, styles, tips and tricks with your audience.

2. Fill out your bio correctly: Your bio is the first place where your potential followers get the information about you. So you need to make sure it is creating the perfect first impression on them.

You can add one or two liner description, a link to your website, and emoticons for catching attention.

You can also add in few keywords and a couple of hashtags to ensure that you’re easily searchable by the right kind of followers.

3. Create posts for your ideal followers: Before you can start posting images on your account do some research and find out what people like the most in your niche? Which images are going to appeal them? Which taglines will make the best impact on them? And so on.

Finding answers to questions mentioned above will help you to create targeted posts which will fetch in lots of true followers to your account.

4. Post regularly: To grow your followers at a faster rate, you must post several images per day. But make sure you don’t post all of them at once, post them at a different time in a day. Sometimes if you are too busy to post several images then try to post at least one picture every day.

5. Use only high-quality images: Your Instagram account should be a brand. So make sure you are posting only high-quality images with best effects.

There’s no point in posting low-quality images as they all decrease your account’s value.

High-quality images build a long lasting visual impression into the minds of your followers, they also help to catch the eyes of the many casual browsers who will just discover you only because your high-quality image grabbed their attention, eventually increasing your followers.

6. Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags is the most dominant feature of Instagram, if used cleverly they’ll help your posts to reach millions of people who might be interested in your profile. Do some research and find the best hashtags within your niche and make sure you are including them in every single post.

Visit the website Tagsforlikes.com for discovering most popular tags within your niche.

Also, keep the hashtags relevant, and don’t try to fit in too many. Instagram allows you to post 30 hashtags per post.

7. Engage with your followers: You need to interact with your followers to build trust, get an insight into their problems, needs, and expectations so that you can use this data to bring in more relevant content for them.

A simple way to engage with your current followers or potential followers within your niche is by liking their images, providing valuable comments or even following them back.

You can even run daily contests which might seem relevant to your followers.

For example, a reputed watch brand runs a “Pic of the day” of the day contest in which they ask their customers to post images wearing the brand’s watch.

They then select the best image out of submitted ones and post it on their Instagram profile.

Followers like such contests because if selected they get the chance to become popular among the brand’s other followers.

How To Monetize with Instagram

Following are the best ways to make money on Instagram:

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is a good way to start making money especially when your Instagram account has gathered few thousand followers and is growing fast.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram is quite different than other traditional channels such as blogging and video marketing.

Here you’ll need to post beautiful images of the products you want to promote and drive sales by placing your affiliate URL into your bio or caption.

Following are the links to few reputed companies where you can sign up as an affiliate and get started:


2. Create Sponsored Posts

If you have a high engagement with your followers, you can earn some handsome money by creating sponsored posts for brands.

A sponsored post is nothing but a regular post which contains a high-quality image or a video that highlights a product or a brand.

You get paid for every sponsored post. Payment varies based on your popularity, influence, engagement, follower demographics and so on.

The aim of any sponsored post is to create awareness about a product or a brand within your followers.

But while doing so make sure that you choose only a product or a brand that is relevant to your audience and is a good fit for your own personal image on Instagram.

Following are the names and links companies where you can visit and register yourself as an influencer:

1. Tapinfluence.com

2. Ifluenz.com

3. Takumi.com

Sell your own photos

If you are taking high-quality photographs and professionally editing for your Instagram posts then why not sell them to make some extra cash?

There are many individuals, bloggers, and businesses who are always looking for new and creative photographs. Instagram can help you to find them and sell your snaps.

There’s a very simple way of doing this. Add a watermark to your images and list all the selling and contact details precisely within the caption. People who are interested in purchasing them will contact, and you can sell your shots to them.

Following are the names of some trusted sites where you can put your Instagram photos for sale.



4. Sell your own products

If you personally create any product or you are a retailer, you need to leverage the power of Instagram for getting more sales.

Product promotion works great on Instagram because you can post personalized photos of your products which cannot be found anywhere else.

You can use many promotional tactics such as creating beautiful infographics, asking existing customers to post the pictures of them using your product or even post pictures of the raw materials and actual product creation process.

5. Sell your Instagram account

If you already made it big on Instagram by gathering millions of followers. You’ve achieved all your goals or just you need to move on from Instagram to doing something else. 

If you want to go away from Instagram, you’ll be happy to know that you can sell your Instagram account and earn some hefty amount of money.

The price of your Instagram account will depend on the niche, the number of followers, engagement and so on.

Here’s the list of few legitimate websites where you can sell your Instagram account:



Extra Tip for you!

Above mentioned are the best ways to monetize your Instagram account once you get few thousand followers, but I’ll suggest you not to start any promotions until you get 10 thousand followers.

Some of you might think waiting to start making any money until account gets 10 thousand followers is really insane.

But believe me, it’s the right way. You need to first build trust and confidence about you into the minds of your followers and you can only do that by providing consistent value to them over a period of time.

ecommerce online shop

 8: Start Dropshipping Business

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a concept related to e-commerce. It’s a method in which the online store doesn’t produce or stock the product it sells. Instead, the store first sells the product then purchases it from a third party for a lower price and gets it shipped directly to the customer’s address.

Dropshipping is an excellent business model because you just need to set up an online store, make sales and earn profits. You don’t need to worry about stock, inventory, packing, shipping or handling.

It’s a great business model for someone who has very little money to invest because you don’t have to buy a product unless you’ve already made a sale and have been paid by the customer.

So, basically in this business model, you are using customer’s money for purchasing a product and making the profit without investing your own money.

Suitable For :

Anyone who loves e-commerce.

Skills Required :

1. Ability to deal with your clients and suppliers in a confident way. You should be able to answer their queries, solve problems and instruct them correctly.

2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

3. Ability to spot trends, opportunities and adapt quickly.

4. Analytical skills.

5. Up to date knowledge of the industry.

How To Get Started :

The hassle-free way to get started is by signing up on Shopify.com.

What is Shopify.com?

Shopify is a website which provides you all the technical things that you’ll ever need to setup your online store. You’ll get hosting, domain name, design, themes, payment gateways and almost everything at one place.

Shopify makes online store setup so easy that anyone without much of technical knowledge can do it.

It’s great a great choice if you want to focus and spend more time on your business growing activities rather than technical setup and maintenance.

Shopify is not just like any website generator or CMS like WordPress. It’s a complete e-commerce platform with more than 70k people using it for selling products online.

Tips for you

1. Decide what you are going to sell – Before you can start setting up your online store on Shopify make a list of things that you want to sell.

You can sell anything from wristwatches to t-shirts, necklaces, accessories and so on. If you still can’t decide what to sell then try to make a list of things you like or which interest you the most, this will give you a heads up.

2. Do some initial research – Once you have the list, you must conduct some research. Find the answers to the questions such as:

Does the product you are intending to sell have demand in the market?

How much price are people willing to pay?

Where are people visiting to buy these products?

On which social media channel you can find your best potential customers?

What is the age group of your potential customers?

What are the current trends?

The best way to find the answers to above questions is to visit top e-commerce stores such as Amazon.com find which product designs are selling the best, read the customer reviews to get more insight into customers expectations.

You can also visit product forums, join social media groups, popular blogs to collect more data about your potential customers.

This data will help you to select the right products that will appeal your target audience and thus fetch you more sales and profits.

For example, if you plan to sell wristwatches visit Amazon.com and check out best-selling wristwatches note down their price range, observe their designs, read customer reviews and note down important points.

Find out other similar e-commerce sites like Amazon and repeat the above method. After that move on to watch forums, fashion blogs to collect more data about your potential customers.

3. Find the suppliers – Once you’ve finalized the products you want to sell, you can visit sites like Everbuying.net or Alibaba.com to find the suppliers who can provide you the products.

Shortlist some good suppliers, discuss your marketing plan with them and see if they are the right fit for you and can deliver agreed products within the time limits.

4. Set your store on Shopify – Once you’ve completed the first 3 steps it’s the time to setup your online store.

Do this, register on Shopify.com, verify your email and start store creation process. Here you’ll need to choose your custom domain name, theme, product category and finally, add products.

While adding products you can use the images and description used by your preferred supplier from Everbuying.net or Aliexpress.com.

5. Pricing strategy – Your pricing strategy is going to define how much money you are going to make. Use the data you collected during the research step to decide your product’s pricing.

For example, if you’ve decided to sell wristwatches and they cost you $17 per piece on Everbuying, and your research data is suggesting you to sell it for maximum $30, then you can sell it for $27 and make $10 profit on every sale.

6. Promote your product links – Once you’ve added products to your Shopify store you can start promoting them wherever you want. Social media is the best place beginning your promotion campaign. You can also offer discount codes to attract more customers to your store.

7. Orders and shipping – Once anyone places an order use that money to place the order from your supplier on Everbuying or Alibaba and provide him your customer’s shipping address. Your supplier will himself make the arrangement for packing and shipping. You don’t need to worry about anything.

The more targeted people visit your store and make the purchase, the more money you make.


 9: Get Paid For Tweeting

If you are someone who loves Twitter and was eagerly waiting to discover a way of making money online on Twitter, then there’s good news for you.

You can make money on Twitter just by posting “sponsored tweets.”

Of Course, Twitter is not going to make a millionaire but it’s a good way to earn instant money.

If you have a big follower base then you can make up to $50 to $100 per tweet, and $5 to $20 per tweet for a smaller follower base.

The money you’ll make will also depend on demographics of your followers and niche.

For example, if you are a network marketer with thousands of followers and most of your followers belong from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia then there’s a very high chance that most of the network marketing companies will pay you above $50 per sponsored tweet.

In simple terms, if you have a good following on Twitter, you can leverage it for making some money online.

The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t need to invest even a single dollar neither there’s any need for a website or any other technical setup.

Just tweet and earn!

To find sponsors sign up on the following websites:



 Listen And Rate Music

If you love listening to music and can write an opinion based on your review of the music, then this way can be an excellent opportunity for you to make some money.

There are companies, advertising agencies and other individual music creators who need people to listen to their music, review it and write an opinion.

These opinions help them to check whether their music is the right fit for their project or it might need some improvement.

Suitable For :

Anyone who loves to listen to music.

Skills Required :

1. Excellent written communication skills.

2. Ability to formulate and present your opinion in clear and precise manner.

How To Get Started:

Sign up on the following legitimate sites as music lovers:


Expected Earnings

To be frank, the payment you get for rating and reviewing music isn’t that great. You can make few dollars here and there but you can’t make a living out of it, but it’s a good way to earn some extra bucks and utilize your free time.

Private Label Rights

 10: Sell PLR

What is a PLR?

PLR is the short form of Private Label Rights. It’s a license offered by any product creator, if purchased it gives you all the rights to do anything with the product you just purchased.

With PLR license in your hand, you can claim the purchased product as your own, put your name on it as a creator, change words, graphics, break-in into multiple parts and so on.

In short, you can do whatever you want to do with the product.

Most importantly, PLR allows you to resell the product at any price you want. It provides a great return on investment as you only need to invest once while buying the product and its PLR license.

You can then sell the product as many times you want and keep the whole profits without any need to share them with the original creator.

For example, let’s say you invested $50 for buying an eBook and its PLR license. You sold 200 copies of that eBook at the price of $70 then your pure profit will be $1400 – $50 = $1350.

Therefore PLR provides a great opportunity for someone who wants to make money quickly without investing the time required for creating a good product.

Where to buy products with PLR license?

There are many online marketplaces from where you can get PLR products. I am listing websites of few reputed ones below:





How To Monetize:

1. Offer paid membership courses – Break your product into multiple logical parts and load them into an autoresponder.

Offer paid membership and charge around $15 to $30 per month.

When someone joins your membership your autoresponder will automatically send them to your subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis. 

2. Create your own product – You can assimilate multiple PLR’s and create a new product on your own. You can make handsome money from selling your product.

3. Build your email list – Offer any PLR eBook or report as a lead magnet to your visitors in exchange for their email.

Once you have a decent size email list you can then promote affiliate offers to your subscribers and earn big commissions.

ways to make money online

11: Offer Video Creation And Editing Services

Videos are a hot commodity right now, but not everyone knows how to make them, let alone edit them. This is where you could offer a video creation or editing service.

Video Creation Service

Using free tools found online, you can quickly learn how to combine text, pictures, and audio, and turn those elements into a video for online customers.

Here’s a short list of free online tools that you can use to get started:

Audacity for audio files

Camstudio for creating videos

OpenOffice.org for presentation software similar to PowerPoint

Jing for creating screen captures

Video Editing Services

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can easily sell your services to edit videos.

If you’re a total newbie at this, you will find hundreds of tutorials online, both written and as videos showing you how to edit a video.

It will not take you very long to understand how everything works. It will take you an even shorter amount of time as you get better at this task.

To edit videos for clients, these are the components that you will ask your customer to provide to you:

1. A script. The words that will go on each slide within the video presentation. The goal is 10 words or less for each slide; the simpler the better is what creates an effective message.

2. A musical loop in an MP3 format. You can purchase musical loops (a short instrumental or musical song) by category and have them shipped to you on CD, or you can download the loops to your computer.

If the customer is not providing a musical loop, then you will choose the musical track that will go along with the video presentation.

3. Sometimes the customer will provide a voiceover, which is an audio file that you will need to add to the video.

The audio formats vary depending upon how they were recorded and saved.

Make sure you understand which files you will be able to work with according to the free software that you downloaded from the Internet.

In summary, using free tools that you can find online, you can learn how to create and edit videos for customers.

How To Monetize:

You can sell these services to individual business owners by approaching them through e-mail or their website contact form.

You can advertise your work for hire services in any of the online forums, and you may even offer your services to webmasters as an add-on bonus perk for their customers.

You can even start a video creation or editing gig on Fiverr.com or register yourself as a video creator and editor on Upwork.com

The video creation and editing market is wide open right now, and serious cash is ready to be made.

4. Create a blog – You can divide PLR products into multiple parts and create articles from them. You can use these articles to grow your blog and earn money from ads and affiliate product promotion.


11: Create A Viral Website

What is a viral website?

A website which publishes interesting, informative or surprising content and inspires its readers to share its content with their social media friends is called a viral website.

It’s a kind of a website which gets popular and drives traffic through social media sharing and makes money by publishing ads. 

I am sure you might have come across websites like Buzzfeed.com, Upworthy.com, Viralnova.com or Boredpanda.com these are the world’s most famous viral websites.

Why starting a viral website is beneficial in current social media scenario?

Today’s social media users love to share interesting stuff with their friends or tag them. It’s a growing trend which can make anything go viral without much of advertising or marketing efforts. 

You can leverage this sharing trend on social media and make money by creating some interesting articles, sharing them on social media, driving people to your website and make money by publishing ads.

Another advantage of creating a viral website is that you can instantly drive traffic to your website via social media channels and make money, you don’t need to rely on Google or SEO techniques and wait for months to see a steady flow of traffic.

Suitable For:

1. People who love to read and write about interesting topics

2. People who love social media

Skills Required :

1. Ability to write interesting and read worthy articles

2. Ability to dig out exciting and share-worthy topics from the internet

3. Basic WordPress website operating skills

Time Required To Get Started :

You’ll need time to setup your website, social media fan page, finding topics and writing articles on them. Depending upon your experience time required might vary, but most of you can get your website running and publish your first article within a week’s time.

How To Get Started :

Step 1 – Setup your WordPress viral website

Setting up a WordPress website is easy, and you don’t need to learn any technical stuff to do it.

You’ll just need a domain name and a hosting account with a good web host to set up your WordPress site.

If you need a step by step guide for doing this, you can watch Wordpress tutorial videos on YouTube to get started.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook fan page for you viral website.

You can create a Facebook fan page within minutes, but if you still need any help, you can always get help from Google.

Use professional-looking photos for your page’s display picture and cover photo and don’t forget to fill in all the necessary details regarding your website while creating the page.

I would also suggest you take a look at the Facebook pages of other popular viral websites and take ideas from them to set up your page.

Following is the list of some popular viral websites whose Facebook pages you can use for research purposes.






Step 3 – Publish viral content on your website and share them on your Facebook page.

Finding viral content and publishing them on your website is the most challenging task in this business model but fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem.

Just visit all the popular viral websites that I have mentioned above and find out which of their articles are trending, study their Facebook pages and look for the articles that have got most shares then rewrite and publish your own article on the same topic on your website.

A word of caution here, never copy any articles from other websites unless you want to get banned from Google or Facebook.

The idea here is to dig out the topics that are already popular then rewrite articles on them in your own unique perspective.

This strategy saves your time and also helps you write articles on topics which are already popular thus maximizing their chances to get viral.

Step 4 – Place Adsense ads

The best way to make money from your viral site is by placing Adsense ads, they’re easy to place, and when your site visitors click on your Adsense ads, you’ll earn money.

Use a WordPress plugin called Quick Adsense for placing Adsense ads in the most optimal way that will generate higher clicks.

Step 5 – Grow your Facebook fan page.

When you’re just starting out the best way to grow your fan page is by using Facebook ads.

Start with a daily ad budget of $5 to $10 and promote your page posts. Ads will help your page get traction, followers, and traffic.

Step 6 – Rinse and Repeat

You’ll have to repeatedly find, rewrite, publish and promote new exciting content if you want to make money in this business.

The more you do it more money you’ll make hence get into the habit of doing all these tasks daily.

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 12:Answer Questions On Quora

Quora is world’s most famous questions and answer platform, it gets around 190 million unique visitors each month.

It’s so popular nowadays that if anyone wants to ask a question or find an answer to any problem, Quora is the first website where they visit.

Quora is a great place to connect with like-minded people, find some really cool advice and help others with your knowledge.

In the following sections, you’ll uncover different strategies you can use to leverage the authority of Quora to make some handsome income online.

Does Quora pay you for answering questions?

No, Quora doesn’t pay you for answering questions. But there are other indirect ways in which Quora can help you a lot in making money online.

Suitable For :

1. People who love to read and write

2. People who like to answer questions

Skills Required :

1. Expertise in any area of interest or domain

Time Required To Get Started –

Almost instant, just register on Quora, create your profile and start answering questions.

Tips for you

1. Start with the mindset of helping others

Start answering questions on Quora with the aim of genuinely helping others; it will help you to bring out true natural answers.

Whenever you see a question try to interpret what the asker really needs then ensure that your answer provides it.

2. Only answer questions regarding your domain of expertise

This is the prerequisite for writing any good answer on Quora. If you have expertise in your domain, then you can easily provide best answers based your education, training, experience or insights.

3. Write neatly and make it easy to digest

When you’ll write an answer not only it will be read by the asker but also by thousands of other people who are finding the answer to the same question.

Hence write your answer in standard grammar, use proper punctuation, avoid spelling mistakes and ensure that it is readable by users with different levels of reading proficiency.

4. Avoid unnecessary long answers

Keep your answers compact and precise, try to answer any question within 2-3 paragraphs, use professional writer’s rule of including 20-25 words per sentence and 2-4 sentences per paragraph.

Again these are just guidelines if the question requires long answer then, by all means, go for it.

5. Provide references

Try to include images, videos, and links to external references in your answer when necessary.

Images and videos help to prove your point clearly, and external references help to improve the credibility of your answer.

How To Monetize –

1. Drive traffic and do affiliate or email marketing 

If you have your blog or niche website, then Quora can help you get massive high quality targeted traffic to your blog.

To do this find questions in your niche which you can answer, then write high-quality and valuable answers.

High-quality answers will gain you more upvotes, views and get you more traffic to your blog.

At the end of your answers add a reference link to the relevant posts on your blog to get traffic, also add the URL of your blog in your profile bio.

You can use affiliate marketing to monetize Quora traffic. Promote niche affiliate products on your blog when someone buys that product from your link you’ll earn money.

You can also build a targeted email list from Quora traffic and then promote affiliate offers via email marketing to generate a recurring income.

2. Sell eBooks/online courses

The traffic you get from Quora is highly targeted, if you can write a niche specific eBook or create an online course which provides the solution to the problems people face into a niche, then you can earn handsome amount of money by selling it.

For example, if you are a skincare expert, you can write a helpful eBook explaining various methods to make skin look young and glowing and sell it on your blog.

3. Sell your services

If you offer any services like freelance content writing, web development, SEO, photo editing, etc. Then Quora can help you land in great clients and make some serious money.

I have personally seen many people who get regularly hired from Quora and are making big money.

People from various backgrounds read your answers on Quora, if they found your answer really valuable and helpful, they will contact you and hire you for their projects.

sign giveaway building blue

 13: Giveaway Stuff

Giveaway stuff? I am sure you must have confused after reading the title of this money making way.

You might be thinking, how can somebody make money by giving away something? But today you’ll learn a brilliant marketing strategy that very few marketers are using to make loads of money without investing lots of funds.

Now, let’s dive into the strategy.

This strategy consists of organizing a Giveaway of high valued physical products, software, eBooks, live event passes, online services and so on.

Then promoting the giveaway to a specific interested audience and asking them to participate in the giveaway by registering via their email id and sharing the giveaway with their friends thus building a niche specific targeted email list.

Next, choosing random winners from the pool of registered people and giving them the promised products or services for free.

Further, monetize the email list by promoting affiliate offers via email marketing.

Giveaway strategy works like a charm and helps you to build a targeted email list for free or at a low advertising cost which you can later on use to promote affiliate offers and make money.

Suitable For :

People who love to talk, write, explain and have the ability to persuade. 

Skills Required :

Ability to write promotional emails.

How to get started :

Step 1 – Research

Before you can start a giveaway campaign, you need to research and skillfully decide upon what are you going to offer in your giveaway.

Following are some tips which will guide you to conduct research and select the right product/offer for your giveaway.

1. Find out what are the most prominent pain points people have in your niche and how your giveaway can provide a solution to it.

Use the following points to dig out pain points in your niche.

– Visit Q&A sites such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. to find out which are the most asked questions in your niche.

– Visit niche specific forums and find which are the most discussed topics.

– Visit niche specific blogs to find out the most popular articles and note down the topics on which the article is written.

– Visit social media platforms to find out influencers in your niche, then study what they share on their pages.

– Visit YouTube and find out which are the most viewed videos in your niche and which topics are discussed in them.

– Study comments on blog posts, YouTube videos, and social pages and try to understand what do people really want.

2. Find out where on the internet your audience is active and engaging. Is it on social media platforms, forums, YouTube or blogs. If you know this, you will know where you should promote your giveaways.

3. Understand how your audience wants the solution, whether they want a physical product, software, service, online course, eBook, video, etc. It will help you to select the right giveaway which will appeal your audience.

Step 2 – Get all tools for starting your giveaway campaign

You’ll need two important tools to start your giveaway campaign, a viral marketing application and an autoresponder.

If you own a WordPress blog, you can install a free viral marketing plugin named Viral Sign Ups or an another paid tool called UpViral.

Both these tools are easy to use, and you can easily set up your giveaway campaign without much need of technical knowledge.

Once Viral Sign Ups or UpViral tool has been configured you need to connect them to an autoresponder so that you can store all the signup emails and for email marketing purpose.

Step 3 – Decide your giveaway strategy

A giveaway strategy is nothing but deciding on what actions you want visitors to take before they participate in your giveaway.

Depending on goals you want to achieve you can develop your strategy.

The strategy could be anything just ensure that it’s according to the rules of the platform on which you’re promoting your giveaway.

For example: If you want to grow your blog’s subscribers you can ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog, like your blog’s Facebook page and tag their three friends.

Step 4 – Promote your giveaway

If you have done the research right, you’ll have a complete idea about where to promote your giveaway on the internet. Depending on your research you can plan your promotion strategy.

For example: If your research suggests that Facebook will be the right place to for giveaway promotion then there are multiple ways you can do it, I am mentioning a few below.

– You can start Facebook ads and drive people your website.

– You can contact influencers and ask them to promote your giveaway for a fee.

– You can join niche related groups and post about your giveaway.

Step 5 – Monetize

Once you start promoting your giveaway, people will start participating, and your email list will grow.

Once you have an email list of reasonable size (250 – 500 subscribers), you can regularly start promoting relevant affiliate offers and products to your list via email.

People will buy products and offers via your affiliate link thus making you money through affiliate commissions.

Always remember that in the email marketing business the bigger the size of your targeted email list the bigger your commissions.

Hence always try to add new targeted subscribers to your list via running multiple giveaway campaigns.


 14: Build Chat Bots

What is a chat bot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is a software that can communicate with your leads on your behalf but in a humanly manner, allowing you to engage, qualify and develop an intimate connection with your leads, without talking to them personally.

Chat bots communicate with your leads using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Like email marketing, they deliver messages, but via messaging apps.

Why are chat bots the future of marketing?

Marketing on messaging apps will be the future as it’s highly efficient.

Businesses who are using messaging apps for marketing have seen over 70% open rates and over 20% link click rates which is significantly higher than any other online marketing medium.

Following are some statistics which indicate that marketing via messaging apps and chat bots is going to be the future.

– Nowadays people prefer to communicate with each other via messaging apps more than email as they are more convenient to use.

– Facebook Messenger solely has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

– Top 4 messaging apps have more monthly active users than top 4 social networks.

How are some early adopters using chat bots to grow their business?

Early adopters of chat bots offer a free lead magnet and ask their visitors to subscribe to Facebook Messenger receive it.

Subscribing on Facebook Messenger can be done with a click and visitors doesn’t need to enter their email id, it’s easy and reduces friction thus increasing lead generation.

Businesses also use chat bots for retargeting on Facebook, any person who clicks on messenger ad and doesn’t make a purchase will get a message of 10% discount coupon.

Chat bots are also helping businesses to nurture their leads through a communication sequence leading them to purchase a product.

You can see how chat bots are helping businesses from increasing lead generation till closing a sale.

How can you make money from this opportunity?

As industry will move towards marketing on messaging apps chat bots will play a huge role in communicating with the leads and thus there will be a huge demand for chat bot developers.

At this point, you can learn to build chat bots and help businesses to build them for a fee. The good news here is that they can be built within hours and you don’t have to do any coding.

Currently chat bot developers are charging anywhere between $500 to $6000 for building a single chat bot, over this, they also charge a monthly maintenance fee.

As this opportunity is new and the trend is just in it’s beginning phase, I would suggest you get into this and take the advantage of the opportunity before the market gets saturated and other developers eat the biggest pie of the share.

How to get started?  

You can get started by visiting the following website.

The above website has all the information you’ll need to get started and become successful in bot business.

You’ll find everything from building your bots, acquiring clients, pricing strategy and so on. Now go on and make gold out of this opportunity.

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 15: Become A Travel Writer

I just want to thank you for your patience following through with me in these 15 ways to make money online at home and I hope you have got a lot of value in this article. So let’s finish up with last in the list job “becoming a travel writer”.

If you love to travel and can compile your experiences in a beautifully written article, then you can become a travel writer and make money online.

There are travel websites and magazines that regularly need fresh travel articles, and most of them don’t even require you to be actively traveling.

Even if you have traveled to different places in the past, you can write articles about them.

Below I am mentioning a list top travel websites which will pay you between $30 – $50 per article.

1. Matador Network

Matador Network was started in 2007, and since then they have worked with thousands of photographers, writers, and filmmakers. They’re always looking for original travel experiences and photography.

You can join Matador by signing up at the following URL, once signed up you can submit your articles to editors. If your article gets accepted, you’ll get paid.

You’ll also find a variety of other related job opportunities such as photo editing, project collaboration, interview, etc. in the marketplace section.

Payment: $40 USD per article upon acceptance

2. Travelista Club

Travelista is looking for people all over the world who can work for them as a freelance travel writer.

You can even start by writing travel guides about the place you live, and you do not need to be traveling.

Once you get signed up, you’ll also get enrolled in a free professional training course where you’ll learn all the essential skills you need to be an expert freelance writer.

Payment: $40 AUD per article (1000 words) upon acceptance

3. Go World Travel

Go World Travel accepts articles from experienced journalists to first-time writers.

They need you to write a unique story and also recommend to visit GoWorldTravel.com and study their writing style and see what they have already covered.

You are required to cover details such as how to reach the destination, local customs, exciting places to visit nearby, food, markets and so on.

You are also encouraged to include real photos to make the articles visually appealing.

Payment: $30 to $40 USD per article (Up to 1600 words) upon acceptance

4. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner loves unsolicited article submissions from people who have a great travel story and want to share with it with the world.

They love first-person narratives and require your article to be informative, exciting, and inspiring for the future travelers.

Your articles need to be ready for the following stuff to increase its chances of getting accepted.

The article should consist relevant, original photography including links to these photos stored on Flickr.

The article should be written in American English with proofreading.

Payment: $30 USD per article (From 1200 words and up) upon acceptance

5. Wanderful

Wanderful is looking for articles that are personal, inspiring, engaging, and community oriented. Their audience is primarily women between the age of 25-40 hence they prefer articles related to women and travel.

Before you submit an article to Wanderful make sure your article fits in one of their following categories.

Destination and itineraries

Travel tips

Global issues related to women

Important women to watch

Payment: $50 USD per article (750 – 2500 words) upon acceptance


As we have got to the end of this article which of these job can you do? Which of these job is new to you ? And which are you willing to start with?

And if you have got some value in this blog post please share it with you friends

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