Facebook page growth (Latest 3 killer strategy on how to grow pages)

How to grow Facebook page
facebook messenger marketing

How to grow facebook page

However facebook has approximate of 2.5 billion user, facebook has turn down on how content on your business page reach your audience.

facebook messenger marketing

The facts about Facebook that you should know is that a user can have up to 5000 friends, can like up-to 5000 Facebook pages and can join up-to 6000 Facebook groups.

Facebook feed can hold so much updates. facebook realize that people spend time on the platform when their news feed is filled with updates releative community of the same interest.

Fortunately, when it comes to business content, there are some workarounds that you should know. If you want more marketing on return from facebook business page, consider adopting the three strategies that I am going to share with you today.

facebook messenger marketing

Strategy 1: Embrace live stream

Facebook live stream is one of the latest feature which was introduced for all facebook users in two thousand sixteen. It is one the powerful tool more than creating content with other creative tools such as video or photoes.

According to facebook, it state that a live video recieves an average of 10 times engagement than non-live post ( photo or video). Facebook algorithme on live stream have push notification that sends out to some of your followers informing them of your live stream.

The beauty of live stream is when you are able to engage with your audience in real time and respond to their comments. This creates conversation which facebook loves most. When you do the live stream, you gett a lot of engagements and facebook is going to boost your page organically to reach more similar audience without you having to pay for ads.

facebook messenger marketing

Strategy 2: Personalize user experience with messenger.

However the above strategy is very effective, it is also a drawback. Broadcasting a facebook livestream can create more comments and conversation which is very tidious to respond to every comment in that live chat.

pairing your messenger bot strategy can be a smart and less cost way for your facebook business page. Having a messenger sequence can help you answer users questions automatically through a prebuilt bots.

Using computer generated software such as manychat to run your business is what I love the most in this digital marketing error.

facebook messenger marketing

Manychat is so far one of the most popular tool today that many businesses use. It has features that include assigning certain commented words to custom messenger pushes that allow you to convert post engagements into messenger subscription.

The main benefit of messenger marketing is it’s open rate which is 80% far beyound compaired to emails which is 33% open rate. If you would like to make a difference using this new technology, I would recommend you to take our messenger marketing course that will take you from beginner to an expert in using bots to automate your business.

Strategy 3: Paying to reach your warm audience

There is a proverbs that says ” what goes around comes around”. Facebook is best in it’s business when it comes to paid ads. Facebook has the ability to to target audience that are similar to those that liked your page.

Many people say that consumers increasingly ignore ads but to my own experience consumers ads that are not relevant to them. Facebook custom audience is among the most powerful Facebook features that many business embrace paying millions if not thousands on Facebook ads.

Lookalike audience is another tool you should make great use of. Simply lookalike audience is an audience of strangers that are new to your brand but these users statistically have similar behaviours as your existing audience.

If you have an existing Facebook page with an audience and engagement, consider adopting the above approaches to grow your business.


There you are with the latest three killer strategies on how to grow your Facebook page. Apply the tips and you will gradually see the results and If you have learnt something new in this post, don’t forget to drop a comment below and if you have found some value in this post please share it with your friends ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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